About Us

The number one priority of Wooster Motor Ways is to provide dependable, on time transportation. Your freight will be on time safely and with competitive rates to our customers.

WMW has a delivery record with an exceptional 99 percent on time average. That, along with our outstanding safety history, makes us one of the top carriers in the industry. Liberty Mutual awarded WMW its highest Vice President’s Safety Award, which was only given to five out of 11,000 companies from August 1992 to August 1995. Liberty Mutual has also awarded WMW its Gold Award eight times in ten years, putting WMW well above their top one percent in carrier safety.

WMW prides itself in its family tradition. The company has always been non-union; benefiting from cooperation, dedication, longevity, low turn-over and pride from all our employees and extended to our customers. 

WMW is also committed to drivers and owner-operators who are focused on safety and family. We offer special incentive programs and paid training sessions, to make sure that our drivers go into every job with an eye out for safety. This is just another way of making sure that we are serving you better. 


  • Family owned
  • Quality Company owned equipment
  • Flexible Quality Service
  • Exceptional on-time record
  • Superb safety record
  • State of the art information systems
  • Financial stability

Mission Statement:

Our customers are the only reason that Wooster Motor Ways is in business.  In order to make this clear to you, all employees of WMW will work to be straightforward and honest in order to meet and exceed your expectations. Your company depends on the level of service we extend to you so we will provide you the industry best.

Recent Awards:

2012 - 25 Years of Commitment to Supporting the Ethics and Standards of the Better Business Bureau
2012 - Gault Welty Business and Community Agency Award
2011 - Ohio Division of Worker's Compensation: Preventing Accidents and Injuries in the Workplace
2010 - Great West Safety Award: Outstanding Highway Achievement - Ohio Trucking Association / Great West Casualty Corporation
2008 - Platinum Carrier Award: 99.8% On-Time Service - Lowe's
2007 - Platinum Carrier Award: 99.8% On-Time Service - Lowe's
2006 - Gold Carrier Award: 99.7% On-Time Service - Lowe's