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About Us

Mission Statement

Our customers are the only reason that Wooster Motor Ways is in business.  In order to make this clear to you, all employees of WMW will work to be straightforward and honest in order to meet and exceed your expectations. Your company depends on the level of service we extend to you so we will provide you the industry best.

Our Story

At Wooster Motor Ways, our number one priority is to provide dependable, on-time transportation at competitive rates. Over the 50+ years we’ve been in business, our team has become one of the top carriers in the industry thanks to an excellent record of on time deliveries and stellar safety record.

Wooster Motor Ways, Inc.(WMW) was established in 1964 by a group of business leaders as an intrastate transportation company providing specialized cartage services for local businesses in Wooster, Ohio and the surrounding area.    In 1970, the company obtained an interstate Motor Carrier Authority and expanded into regional truckload transportation to complement its local delivery service.   After more than 10 years of success, the company was purchased by Mr. Ken Beaverson in 1975.   In the following years, Mr. Beaverson developed WMW to be a full service logistics company offering complete supply chain services including warehousing, cross-dock facilities, local LTL and diesel engine and trailer repair and maintenance.

In 1987, WMW was purchased by Mr. Paul E. Williams and is still owned and operated by members of the Williams family including son and current president Mr. Paul M. Williams.    Over the past 30+ years with the Williams family at the helm, the company has moved back to its roots in focusing on its core competency; dedicated, local and OTR transportation services.    In 1997, the company constructed a brand new facility West of Wooster, Ohio including main headquarters, terminal/dispatch operations, maintenance facility, cross-dock and a spacious yard for truck domicile and trailer staging.    

In 2001, WMW Logistics Inc. was founded to serve customer’s over capacity transportation needs and lanes that were beyond the scope of Wooster Motor Ways Inc. primary asset service area.    Over the past 10 years, Wooster Motor Ways has broadened its hauling capabilities beyond dry van truckload to include special commodities such as oilfield/sand hauling with pneumatic tank trailers, flatbed/conestoga services for outside deliveries and larger commodities, LNG hauling services for bulk propane and butane Deliveries and much more.   The WMW maintenance facility has also continued to grow and adapt to the changes in vehicle technology and in the last 2 years has become a certified location for numerous parts, service and warranty suppliers including Thermaflow, Autocar, Fleetrite and Navastar.     

At Wooster Motor Ways, the number one priority is to provide dependable, on-time transportation solutions at competitive rates.     Over the course of its more than 50 year history of business, the company has become one of the most respected organizations in the industry in regards to consistent on-time delivery, professionalism and safety.    Many of the highlights include receiving Liberty Mutual’s highest Vice President’s Safety Award, the Gault Welt Business and Community Agency Award, the Great West Safety Award: Outstanding Highway Achievement – Ohio Trucking Association / Great West Casualty Corporation, and Lowe’s Platinum Carrier Award for 99.8% On-Time Service.


  • Family owned
  • Quality Company owned equipment
  • Flexible Quality Service
  • Exceptional on-time record
  • Superb safety record
  • State of the art information systems
  • Financial stability

Recent Awards:

Wall of Fame Award – Ohio Trucking Association
25 Years of Commitment to Supporting the Ethics and Standards of the Better Business Bureau
Gault Welty Business and Community Agency Award
Ohio Division of Worker’s Compensation: Preventing Accidents and Injuries in the Workplace
Great West Safety Award: Outstanding Highway Achievement – Ohio Trucking Association / Great West Casualty Corporation
Platinum Carrier Award: 99.8% On-Time Service – Lowe’s
Platinum Carrier Award: 99.8% On-Time Service – Lowe’s
Gold Carrier Award: 99.7% On-Time Service – Lowe’s