Frac Sand Hauling

One of the newer and more exciting possibilities for drivers lies in the fracking industry. Fracking requires specialized sand, also known as frac sand, which must be transported in mass quantities from mines to processing plants to natural gas wells.

Recent industry estimates have suggested that nearly 5 million pounds of sand are required for each and every natural gas well using hydraulic fracturing, mostly transported with the use of pneumatic truck trailers. This means that the possibilities for the transportation industry are huge. 

Wooster Motor Ways is happy to be joining this incredible new industry. In addition to our renowned logistics services, Wooster will be facilitating a wide variety of new projects for pneumatic truck owner/operators.

Within the Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan region, there are numerous sand mines, processing plants, and fracking wells in operation. If you are an owner/operator looking to get involved with the transportation of frac sand, Wooster Motor Ways is ready to bring you into this exciting business.