What is Frac Sand?

There has been a recent boom in the oil and gas industry called hydraulic fracturing—more commonly known as facking. Fracking is a complex process that involves producing oil and natural gas from various types of rock. These rocks, like shale, are not porous enough for natural gas fluids to flow out naturally. 

In order to make the rocks more porous, a well is drilled down to the rock, and pressurized water along with specialized sand grains are sent down into the well. Under the immense pressure, the rocks break. The tiny grains of sand act as a “proppant”, keeping the fractures propped open so that the natural gas can flow out and into the well.

This sand, also called “frac sand” has to meet some strict requirements. It has to be high-purity silica, and be just the right size. It also needs to be adequately durable and maintain a perfect spherical shape.  Because of these requirements, the sand has to be processed for optimal performance.

While fracking has opened up incredible new avenues for the oil and gas industry, the processing required for the sand has created an entirely new industry. More and more processing plants are being constructed to serve multiple sand mines, which means the need for massive transportation and logistics.

Wooster Motor Ways is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting new industry. With incredible potential for continued expansion, we are happy to be a part of the hauling and logistic needed to get this sand from mine to processing to well.