American Weather Seal

WMW Dedicated customized their logistics program to meet our specific needs at American Weather Seal. They reduced the time previously spent on managing our fleet and improved on-time delivery of our products. I still have control and can contact drivers and maintain as much involvment in the process as I want. WMW Dedicated also made the transition from our internal fleet to theirs very smoothly

Roger Murphy
Transportation Manager - American Weather Seal


Wooster Chamber of Commerce

Congratulations on being selected as one of the five best trucking companies in the United States when it comes to safety. I am sure it took a great deal of effort on the part of all employees to win such an award. Your efforts bring praise and recognition not only for your company and its staff, but also to our entire community.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, congratulations and best wishes for the future.

Jack O’Donnell
President - Wooster Chamber of Commerce
Victory Wholesale Grocers

Our company has been using Wooster Motor Ways for over then years. For as long as I can remember, they have moved ten to 20 of our loads per week with great efficiency and attention to detail.

Their people are easy to work with, and treat our freight as if it were their own. When we have encountered problems, we have always been able to sit down and resolve them in a mutually beneficial manner.

I would highly recommend Wooster Motor Ways to any shipper looking for a solid, reliable regional carrier.

Mike Sylvester
Transportation Management - Victory Wholesale Grocers
The Valvoline Company

Wooster Motor Ways has been a primary carrier for The Valvoline Company for the past ten years. During this time, the employees at Wooster Motor Ways have provided superior customer service that has yet to be surpassed by another carrier.

The commitment to quality is visible at all stages of Wooster’s operations, from shipment scheduling to reliable, on-time deliveries to our customers. Valvoline’s plants consistently give Wooster Motor Ways their highest ratings for carrier service and performance.

The Valvoline Company would highly recommend Wooster Motor Ways to any shipper looking for a carrier that provides exceptional service with no exceptions.

J. Stephen Lane
Traffic Manager - The Valvoline Company

I wish to commend your company for its fine performance during the five years I have been involved in traffic for the J. M. Smucker Company.

Time after time, your company has provided us with “just in time” service at a minute’s notice. I truly believe that your company’s name, Wooster Motor Ways, is synonymous with excellence in transportation.

James C. Distel
Distribution Coordinator - THE J. M. SMUCKER COMPANY
Liquid Container

I want to personally thank you, and all your employees, for the total commitment they have put forth to on-time deliveries and total customer service to Liquid Container and all its customers. It’s refreshing to have a transportation partner of your caliber.

Three years ago Liquid Container chose your company as one of our core carriers in Mason, Ohio. Every year, our partnership grows stronger and stronger because of excellent service.

If a company was looking for a carrier to provide on-time pickups, on-time deliveries, good communication and total customer service, I would strongly recommend them to form a partnership with Wooster Motor Ways, Inc.

Bob Beri
Manager of Transportation - Liquid Container
The Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

My name is J. Charles Sear. I am the General Traffic Manager for Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, hereinafter “Cooper Tire,” and have been at Cooper for 29 years (25 years in traffic management). Cooper Tire is a $1.8 billion dollar company that manufactures tires and tubes for a global replacement market and engineered products for the original equipment market. Cooper Tire has ten domestic and two international manufacturing plants, and multiple distribution warehouses globally.

Cooper Tire started a transportation relationship with Wooster Motor Ways in 1990. They have provided transportation services for several of our plants and warehouses over the past ten years. Our experience has proven them to be a dependable and reliable carrier. They have handled inbound materials to our plants, material and products between plant locations, and most importantly, quality delivery of finished product to our customers.

The quality delivery becomes most important due to the shipping characteristics of our main product – tires. Tires are shipped loose – not palletized – each tire must be counted and hand loaded, properly stacked in ricked fashion, and hand unloaded and counted at the customer’s destination. This takes dedicated, loyal and conscientious drivers whom Wooster has provided to us. Their drivers are a reflection of the quality of Wooster’s management team. Quality performance comes from quality people who were selected, trained and supervised by quality management. Wooster Motor Ways has demonstrated to Cooper Tire over the past ten years that they have all three.

Based on Cooper’s experience, I would highly recommend Wooster Motor Ways as a quality transportation partner.

J.C. Sear
General Traffic Manager - The Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.
Ashland Valvoline

Valvoline has utilized the services of Wooster Motor Ways for 12 years. They have provided equipment for us at several origins, and have been an excellent service carrier. We have found that they have been dependable, creative and honest in meeting our shipping needs.

Joseph D. Stiles
Transportation Analyst IV - Ashland Valvoline
A. Schulman Inc.

Most of the time we, as shippers, neglect to inform our carriers when excellence in shipping has been accomplished.

On behalf of A. Schulman, Inc., I wish to thank Wooster Motorways, your staff and professional drivers who service our account. We know that when we route a shipment via Wooster Motorways you, the carrier, arrives at the origin for pick up on time, that the equipment is in excellent condition, the destination arrival is accomplished as contracted and that your drivers are courteous, as well as being well informed.

Wooster Motorways complements and facilitates our job in the Traffic Department and because of that, we ask that you please convey my thanks to all of your employees for the very personal attention that they extend to A. Schulman, Inc.

Gearge S. Hildreth
Corporate Traffic Manager - A. Schulman Inc.
Better Business Bureau

BBB Gold Star Award

Wooster Motor Ways, Inc.

A review of our records shows your company has had zero complaints in the past three years, January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2008.

Your adherence to your BBB’s Standards of Trust has earned you a Gold Star. We’re proud of you. Keep up the good work!

Victor J, Wlaszyn
President - Better Business Bureau

Lowe’s was pleased to recognize Wooster Motor Ways as a recipient of our 2007 Platinum Award for outstanding outbound service to our stores from our Regional Distribution Center in Findlay, Ohio. Wooster Motor Ways was presented this award at our annual carrier conference in January 2008. Wooster Motor Ways achieved an outstanding on-time service level of 99.8 percent for the year, thus ensuring that our products are in stock and available for our valued customers.

We at Lowe’s certainly appreciate the commitment to excellence displayed by the team at Wooster Motor Ways. Thank you for the continued support.

Kevin Perry
Director, Truckload, Rail and Intermodal Transportation - Lowe’s

The 3PL & Technology Company

In recognition for their outstanding customer service, consistent on-time pick up and delivery, and an excellent overall business relationship, Transplace hereby awards Wooster Motor Ways, Inc., the Transplace Bronze Seal of Approval under the 2007 Carrier Merit Program.

Tom Sanderson
President - TRANSPLACE
Ryder Transportation Management

The results have been tabulated and we are pleased to inform you of your selection to receive the coveted Ryder Carrier Quality Award for the year 2000, in the Van – Regional service category.

While the current economic environment prevents us from doing more, you and a member of your senior management team are cordially invited to our Ann Arbor offices, at your convenience, to formally recognize your achievement and receive your award in a ceremony with our Ryder procurement group.

In addition, our Miami public relations group will be issuing a formal press release to the industry trades announcing our award recipients for 2000.

On behalf of Ryder and our mutual customers, we sincerely appreciate the outstanding effort put forth by your company in 2000. We will strive to create additional “win-win” opportunities in 2001 to grow the business partnership between our two companies.

Tim Podvin, Robert Savage
Director, Manager (Respectively) North American logistics procurement - Ryder Transportation Management
Ashland Chemical

This letter is to commend your staff at the Hickory Lane facility in Mansfield for their help and support during our physical inventory on Friday, May 19.

Tim and Missy and the rest of the staff were a tremendous help to us in getting an accurate count done in a reasonable time. They even had donuts for us when we arrived, and brought pizza in for lunch! Tim and Missy were very gracious in staying for as long as it took to satisfy our auditors of the accuracy of our counts.

You can be justly proud of such a fine group of employees.

They are always responsive to our needs, and are willing to go the extra mile when we have an emergency requirement at an inopportune time.

Ann J. Miller
Sales/Production Coordinator - Ashland Chemical
Continental General Tire

It gives me great pleasure to commend Wooster Motor Ways for the outstanding level of service provided to Continental General Tire during 1999. In fact, Wooster Motor Ways’ on-time pick up and delivery service was above 99 percent to our customers located in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois. Wooster’s level of service included deliveries to a wide range of customers: Tire dealers, Sam’s Club and Just-in-Time delivery to Ford and General Motors.

Wooster Motor Ways is one of a select few contract carriers that really understands and services the delivery needs of both Continental General Tire and our customer. Given the complexities of delivering tires, which is a delivery process that must be handled piece by piece, Wooster has completed our deliveries within 1-2 days, and without any shortages. This is truly a remarkable effort.

During the time where truck capacity has been extremely tight, Wooster Motor Ways has stood by us and provided us the trucks whenever we needed them. I guess this is a fact that we’ve grown accustomed to with Wooster during the 80s, 90s and into the millennium.

Keep up the good work and please pass along our thanks to those valuable members of your team who’ve made your services a success!

David Majdanski
Transportation Manager - Continental General Tire
C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.

In recognition of the commitment to quality demonstrated by your company, we are pleased to present Wooster Motor Ways with C.H. Robinson’s 1999 Service Award. This award is a token of our appreciation of the terrific service you and your employees consistently provide to C.H. Robinson and our customers.

As one of the largest third party logistics companies in North America, C.H. Robinson values greatly the relationships we have with our carriers. Thanks in large part to carrier partners like you, 1999 was another year of growth for C.H. Robinson. Gross revenues increased to $2.3 billion, and over 1.5 million full truckload shipments were delivered. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks to your dedication and hard work, our shipments arrived safely at their destination. Your service excellence also helped us to achieve and on-time delivery rate that is second to none in the industry.

Please extend our gratitude to all your employees, including dispatchers, drivers and support staff, for their dedication and excellent service.

Barry Butzow
Senior Vice President - C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.